Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Mix by Dr. Sleep

DrIslandFever-LateOctober2010 by drsleep

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Classic is a Classic

Thanks to my friend Claire for putting this on a cd for me 6 years ago. I've worn that cd out many moons ago, but, still know the tracklist by heart.

I think I prefer Buddy's version to the original Allman Brothers version.

Buddy Miles - Midnight Rider

Greg Allman - Midnight Rider

Thursday, October 07, 2010


DJ/Producer Lauren Flax has a new electronic music project with fellow Brooklynite, Lauren Dillard, called Creep. They're releasing music on the awesome label Tri Angle Records which also happens to be home to the amazing San Francisco artist, oOoOO (I've also heard they're going to release Denver-based Pictureplane?! Stevie has never sounded so good, watch).

If the video below is indicative of the rest of the project, count me in. Witch house? Haunted house? What is this?
Who knows, but, it sounds good (or, if you NEED to know what it is, Pitchfork takes a stab at defining this movement here). Also, Romy, vocalist from the xx, is being tapped for upcoming material, such as the song Days, found on this Deadboy mix. I am really looking forward to the rest of the material, and, hopefully a tour that includes SF.

Hot Shit - Creep

Jessica King - Creep

I also wanted to mention that the Tri Angle label also put together this amazing Lindsay Lohan mixtape, with artists reinterpreting some of Lindsay's songs. Their description:

Inspired in part by Lindsay Lohan’s grotesquely fascinating black hole existence and in part by my unwavering belief in the power of pop music as an artform, I saw an opportunity to create something interesting with her music, and decided to ask some friends to reinterpret some of Lindsay’s songs. “Tri Angle Records Presents: Let Me Shine for You” is the result. Even though we are all fond of Lindsay in our own ways, there is no FREE LINDSAY agenda here. We all love pop music and this is merely an experiment. All of our intentions are very sincere.

Download here.
New Mix

I recorded a mix in preparation for the Dirty Talk party on Saturday night. It's an hour of house, nu & classic disco, plus a Herbie Hancock track for good measure.

Listen & download.

DrDirtyTalk-October2010 by drsleep

stand on the word - joubert singers (larry levan mix)
is the word - ron basejam
won't let go - hot toddy
trouble is a friend - lenka (eli escobar disco mix)
dr. burner - tiger & woods
i am dead - juri hulkkonen (hercules & love affair mix)
acid burn - beatmasters
tipologia - gui borotto (stickroth & ercolino remix)
erucu mast - jermaine jackson (ac re-edit)
stay the night - billy ocean
it's better than a good time - gladys knight (walter gibbons mix)
tell everybody - herbie hancock
sun sun sun - jakki (walter gibbons mix)
any time is right - archie bell (dj apt one mix)
put your body in it - stephanie mills (gigamesh mix)
our love - donna summer
reckless with your love - azari & iii
beam me up - midnight magic (jacques renault mix)
lost in music - gay marvine
Diamond Rings

Who's cute? The boy (John O'Regan) pictured above, that's who! Diamond Rings appears to be Canadian, has released a few 7-inches and a 12-inch, got a Pitchfork review, is in a band called the D'Urbervilles, and, will be touring this Fall in support of his full-length debut landing on October 26th. That's about all I know, and, that's about all there is to find on his website and Myspace page. I literally just heard the song, Something Else, on Rcrd Lbl this morning and loved it so much I did a little research, which brought me to the live version of the song (YouTube below), and then the GOLDMINE. The videos below are the cutest things in the world! Waify effeminate boy playing basketball in a sequins tank with a diamond stitched on the front? Dancing in leggings? Makeup? Wearing a football uniform? CUTE! Who are you? Nobody knows!

The music is great, too. Simple and catchy with a butch head nod to New Wave and early electronic music.

You can download two great tracks, Something Else and All Yr Songs, via Pitchfork here, then watch the GAYMAZING videos below!

Diamond Rings - Show Me Your Stuff (or, as I am going to call it, GAY JOCK JAMS!!!!)

Diamond Rings - All Yr Songs

Diamond Rings - Something Else (Live)

Sunday, October 03, 2010


At the tail end of the '90s, I was obsessed with ye olde stalwarts of the indie world, Stereolab (RIP Mary), Yo La Tengo, The Sea and Cake, Tortoise, Trans Am, and Sonic Youth. I used to trudge through the snow to the record store 5 blocks from my apartment in Minneapolis and promptly spend all of my money on indie rock CD's (this was a departure from the mid-90s when I used to trudge through the snow to the record store and spend all of my money on bad house and trance CD's).

I heard Eureka by the amazing and multi-talented Sonic Youth collaborator, Jim O'Rourke, playing in the record store one day and instantly fell in love. It was warm and interesting, poppy with a lot of texture. It became the soundtrack to my life for several months. Two highlights of Eureka that I still can't get enough of are the first track, Women of the World, clocking in at over 8 minutes with only one lyrical stanza, a repetition of the phrase, "Women of the world take over, cuz if you don't the world will come to an end, it won't take long." The other track I love is the cover of Burt Bacharach's Something Big. The female backing vocals absolutely make this song and although it stays pretty close to the original, it still has Jim's stamp on it.

When I listen to the album now, it brings me right back to that time: moderately depressed and spending every evening after work lying on the floor of my one-room apartment smoking Marlboro Reds listening to my new musical purchases (and, yes, this could be a glimpse back into any year of my life, but, the Marlboro Reds are unique to this time period).

And, how about that album cover above, eh??

Jim O'Rourke - Women of the World

Jim O'Rourke - Something Big