Thursday, October 07, 2010

Diamond Rings

Who's cute? The boy (John O'Regan) pictured above, that's who! Diamond Rings appears to be Canadian, has released a few 7-inches and a 12-inch, got a Pitchfork review, is in a band called the D'Urbervilles, and, will be touring this Fall in support of his full-length debut landing on October 26th. That's about all I know, and, that's about all there is to find on his website and Myspace page. I literally just heard the song, Something Else, on Rcrd Lbl this morning and loved it so much I did a little research, which brought me to the live version of the song (YouTube below), and then the GOLDMINE. The videos below are the cutest things in the world! Waify effeminate boy playing basketball in a sequins tank with a diamond stitched on the front? Dancing in leggings? Makeup? Wearing a football uniform? CUTE! Who are you? Nobody knows!

The music is great, too. Simple and catchy with a butch head nod to New Wave and early electronic music.

You can download two great tracks, Something Else and All Yr Songs, via Pitchfork here, then watch the GAYMAZING videos below!

Diamond Rings - Show Me Your Stuff (or, as I am going to call it, GAY JOCK JAMS!!!!)

Diamond Rings - All Yr Songs

Diamond Rings - Something Else (Live)

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