Thursday, October 07, 2010


DJ/Producer Lauren Flax has a new electronic music project with fellow Brooklynite, Lauren Dillard, called Creep. They're releasing music on the awesome label Tri Angle Records which also happens to be home to the amazing San Francisco artist, oOoOO (I've also heard they're going to release Denver-based Pictureplane?! Stevie has never sounded so good, watch).

If the video below is indicative of the rest of the project, count me in. Witch house? Haunted house? What is this?
Who knows, but, it sounds good (or, if you NEED to know what it is, Pitchfork takes a stab at defining this movement here). Also, Romy, vocalist from the xx, is being tapped for upcoming material, such as the song Days, found on this Deadboy mix. I am really looking forward to the rest of the material, and, hopefully a tour that includes SF.

Hot Shit - Creep

Jessica King - Creep

I also wanted to mention that the Tri Angle label also put together this amazing Lindsay Lohan mixtape, with artists reinterpreting some of Lindsay's songs. Their description:

Inspired in part by Lindsay Lohan’s grotesquely fascinating black hole existence and in part by my unwavering belief in the power of pop music as an artform, I saw an opportunity to create something interesting with her music, and decided to ask some friends to reinterpret some of Lindsay’s songs. “Tri Angle Records Presents: Let Me Shine for You” is the result. Even though we are all fond of Lindsay in our own ways, there is no FREE LINDSAY agenda here. We all love pop music and this is merely an experiment. All of our intentions are very sincere.

Download here.

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