Friday, September 17, 2010

Soul Clap

I first heard about the Boston-based dj/production duo, Soul Clap, from their AMAZING edit of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams." I'm a HUGE Mac fan, and, besides providing us with probably the ONLY non-cheesy Mac edit/remix EVER, the track is actually really nice to listen to and I, for one, would love to dance to it (but I'll dance to almost anything, read below). The MIND-BLOWING part of this edit comes in at around the 5:25 mark. Basically, the music slowly fades and we are left with ONLY thunder and rain sounds for 15-20 seconds. There are no beats, there is no instrumentation, only thunder and rain! Like you're outside in nature! What? It's like you're anywhere but California and you got stuck in a storm with Stevie Nicks. I am not kidding! When I first heard it, it was very late at night and I had my headphones on, and, I literally got the chills. WHO DOES THAT?! Two guys with vision (and some balls), that's who.

Now...with all of that said, will I play this in a club? I DON'T KNOW!! I have the vinyl and it comes with me anytime I dj, but, then there it sits in the bag because I'm scared. Wouldn't you be?? What will people do when they hear thunder and rain for 20 seconds with no beat!? Would it be like they're eating at the Rainforest Cafe at the Mall of America? Will they get mad? Excited? Confused? Will it invite interpretive rain dances? I just don't know. I can only control my own reaction to things, obviously, and, all I'm saying is, if someone played this and I was dancing, I would either faint, cry, or do some seriousssss nature stomp. I think Stevie would be proud.

Anyway, someday I will either hear it played out or play it myself, but, in the meantime, please listen with headphones.

Soul Clap - Dreams Edit

Below is another favorite, re-contextualizing Stevie Wonder's "Love Light in Flight," one of Stevie's best songs of the 80s (not to mention it's from the riveting film, "The Woman in Red").

Soul Clap - Love Light Edit

PS, Soul Clap has a ton of other amazing music, edits of Aaliyah, Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game," Marvin, and on and on. Buy their music!

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