Friday, September 24, 2010

Folsom Weekend, San Francisco

It's the Folsom Street Fair this weekend in San Francisco, and, every bear and fetishist in the Lower 48 will be converging on a several-block radius wearing assless chaps and little else. As long as I can remember, no matter what the weather has been like for the weeks leading up to the festival, inevitably Folsom Weekend will be hotter than blazes. It appears this weekend is no exception. This makes for a lot of sweaty leather daddies and furries getting flogged by red-hot paddles. I'm not really interested in the street fair anymore, but, there are a few amazing music events in the evening to coincide with the debauchery.

On Saturday, the LEGENDARY Bob Mould performs at Slim's as part of The Blowoff, his electronic/dj duo (in case you didn't know, after Husker Du and Sugar, he released solo albums - and still does - but, then also got really into electronic music. And, bears. In case you didn't know Part II, Bob went to Macalaster in St. Paul, where every cool person I've ever known from MN went). I saw him spin at Homo-A-Gogo in 2006(?) and it was amazing. And, it was techno. Like ecstacy glo stick techno. I danced for hours! Here's hoping The Blowoff will be cut from the same cloth, but, I don't exactly know what to expect - besides the bears.

On Sunday, a new club in the Mission District, Public Works, will be hosting a 9-hr dance party called The House of Black Leather curated by the brilliant local SF dance party, Honey Soundsystem, and headlined by Horse Meat Disco. HORSE MEAT DISCO is the UK's best disco party. I am REALLY excited.

To get in the mood for Horse Meat, I've been listening to podcasts from the "electronic music bears" (believe it). They've been posting mixes from the various dj's that will be performing over the course of the evening. Here's the Horse Meat episode. The rest of the podcasts are here .

Honey Soundsystem made a promo video for the event on Sunday:

HOUSE OF BLACK LEATHER :: FOLSOM AFTERPARTY 2010 :: 9/26 SAN FRANCISCO from Honey Soundsystem on Vimeo.

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