Friday, September 24, 2010


I have a bone to pick. Was anyone going to tell me about coldwave? No? You were just going to let me live my life without knowing an entire genre of music existed? You were just going to watch as I blindly mingled at soirees, dj'd at clubs, even slept peacefully at night - all without knowing any of this. Well, you know what? You guys suck! Did you know coldwave is French and started in the late 70s? Well, I didn't! My street cred has vanished.

At any rate, I am nicer than you and in case anyone else was living in a cave, I'm going to share a music video by Kas Product, a FRENCH electronic duo formed in 1980, and part of this elusive coldwave movement. How is this whole thing different than "electronic protopunk", i.e, bands like Suicide? I don't know!

All of the links from this post are from Wikipedia, because that's where people go when they know absolutely zilcho about the topic they are writing about, and, want an introduction. How's that for some humble pie!

Kas Product - Never Come Back

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