Thursday, August 19, 2010


One of my favorite producers and remixers of the past few years is Minneapolis (soon to be Miami)-based Gigamesh. Gigamesh is a man of many synths blessed with a golden ear, and, he can turn any tune into a gorgeous stomper brimming with warm analog and chunky bass. He is part of the remix group, Discotech, which has released some of my personal most-played-in-a-dj-set edits and remixes of the past few years (Radiohead, The Police, The Stones, Foo Fighters, Zep, M.I.A., to name a few). He is also in the electro group, Senor Stereo, which released their debut ep on Slow Roast Records (also home to DJ Craze and Kill the Noise). Lately, he might be most well-known for producing Mike Posner's hit, Cooler than Me. If you've heard the Gigamesh version and the one Posner originally started with, you will believe what I'm saying about the Gigamesh magic touch. One of my favorite Gigamesh remixes, however, is of the Minneapolis band, Estate, and you can download it via Rcrd Lbl: Write to Make.

To commemorate his move from the land of ice and snow to the land of flamingos and thongs, Gigamesh just released a 14-song mixtape called Moving Cities featuring an excellent selection of disco, electro, hip hop, and, even some Gigamesh originals that were previously unreleased. My favorites from the mix are Jacques Renault's remix of Midnight Magic's Beam Me Up, Azari & III's remix of the Voltage dazzler, One Night, and of course a Gigamesh remix of Marching Band's, Another Day.

Download the mixtape here.

Also, the Midnight Magic remix is so good, I just have to share:

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