Wednesday, June 30, 2010


School is really giving the phrase "dog days of Summer" new meaning for me right now. I don't have enough time to do the things I love, it's all Dewey Decimal, MARC, and, other extremely anal and boring topics. One thing that bothers me is I don't have time to obsessively track down music like I usually do. I'm trying to make some more time for it, though, because I hate being behind when it comes to music. It's my ultimate FOMO.

I remember reading about Onra a year ago, and, then forgot about him. He turned up on Turntable Lab recently with the tag "new school boogie + soulful hip hop beats" so I finally gave him a proper listen, and, man --- this is some fresh music!! The beats are hip-hop, rnb, and boogie funk inspired. His latest album, Long Distance, is in my top 5 so far this year. There's no wobble bass, no trendy tricks, it's just straight up beat genius with AMAZING old school grooves. Funk is having a serious revival right now, in case you were still listening to dubstep. Watch for boogie funk clubs to start popping up all over, replacing the hipster soul clubs. I may start my own in the garage. If you like Dam Funk, there's no way you won't love this.

High Hopes


Long Distance


Onra's Soundcloud Account

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