Monday, April 05, 2010

Mixtape Monday!

1. DJ House Shoes is one of the biggest reps of Detroit hip-hop around. He was also a close friend of J Dilla and knows beats as well as any dj or producer working right now. He just released a free beat mixtape, which is fresh and inventive and even features Karen O on a track.

You can also listen to his podcasts and dj sets (including a set from the infamous outdoor LA party, the Do Over!!).

2. Mick Boogie has been mentioned before on this blog, and, all I have to say is --- this guy. THIS GUY. He's always doing something amazing, and has released yet another mixtape. Instead of mashups this go-round, Boogie's latest is a mixtape in the old school sense of the term - shining some light on up and coming artists with production from legends (Jazzy Jeff!).

3. Trackademics is a Bay Area MC and producer and has just released his third mixtape. Elements of cryphy with some synth and melody. Ahhhh. He also has Mark Ronson's stamp of approval, which we love here at OSS! He also releases music on Fool's Gold Records, one of my favorite labels out there right now.

4. The Roots take on J Dilla's instrumental genius with an amazing mixtape. Do I need to say more about the amazingness of this project? No. No, I do not.

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