Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Since 2005, Rio's Baile Funk movement has had a thriving European base with the help of Daniel Haaksman and his Berlin label, Man Recordings ( Dubstep and B-more aside, I can't think of a more talked-about genre in the past few years. This music is huge!

Besides promoting Brazil's best producers, artists, and dj's (Edu K, DJ Sandrinho, DJ Edgar, DJ Amazing Clay, etc.) to the rest of the world, Haaksman also releases albums by artists who are inspired by this amazing style of music (Diplo, Crookers, Feadz, Sinden, Scottie B, etc.), as well as his own music.

Man's most recent release is from two German dj's/producers, SCHLACHTHOFBRONX (if you can't say their name, just say "schnitzel"). Their first release from Man is an EP called "Ayoba" and keeping with the German kitsch theme here, Brazilian producers/dj's, Mixhell called it "Bavarian Baile Funk" on the Man website. SCHLACHTHOFBRONX is appropriately influenced by Baile Funk, Jamaican Dancehall, Angolan Kuduro, Trinidad carnival sounds, the Dirty South and Balkan beats (aaaaaand, rinse!). I am guessing/knowing these dudes throw one helluva party.

The lead track, "Ayoba," features two MC's, Spoek Mathambo of Sweat X and Playdoe, and MC Gnucci Banana and more crazy tropical beats than the noontime sun in Jamaica!

Fans of Major Lazer and a nice crisp Pilsner, this will not disappoint.

Just listen to it.


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