Thursday, January 28, 2010

Magical Mystery Chambers

Not necessarily breaking news (, but, last week Tom Carauna (who?) and his record label, Tea Sea Records ( released a free download of a mashup album setting the Wu-Tang Clan against the Beatles. Been done before? Well, yes ( The awesome part about this incarnation of using Beatles songs as backdrops for hip hop is Caruana doesn't use straight-up Beatles songs, but, uses a variety of versions of the songs (orchestral instrumentals, jazz versions, etc.). There are complex layers to these songs, complete with short hilarious samples of adoring fans being interviewed before and after the shows. Sometimes the samples are hard to recognize, making this a really interesting listen and worthy of it bogarting your iPod for awhile.

You can download the album, read more about Caruana, and, donate if you want to support this awesome project:

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