Monday, May 07, 2007

Good old Bob Evans. You might know him as the singer/guitarist from pop rock outfit Jebediah, under his real name (which is Kevin Mitchell, for the curious). Or you may not have heard of him at all, which, if you live in America, is probably the case. In 2006, Bob (or Kevin, if we wanna get technical) released Suburban Songbook, a collection of acoustic pop numbers that were the kind of songs that made you want to have a crush or call an old ex-boyfriend or girlfriend just to say hi. The songs have a warmth (and okay, a cheesy quality, too...but in a good way) and depth that are really charming, and are a perfect thing to listen to on lazy , rainy days. People who aren't a fan of warm, fuzzy feelings will most likely NOT like Bob, but then, ah, fuck 'em!

Anyhow, KevinBob (as he'll henceforth be called, at least in this blog) breezed into town late last week long enough to see Bjork at Radio City Music Hall, as well as play a small gig downtown at Arlene's Grocery. While only a few people came out to the gig, it was well worth the $8 cover at the door, and I'm not just saying that because I was full of gin, either. He played a no-frills, straightforward set covering most of the tracks from Suburban Songbook and even had a little bit of charming banter inbetween. His sweet lyrics and well-composed songs are enough to make him a great listen, not to mention the fact that he's a really nice guy. I definitely look forward to hearing the future work that gets put out under the Bob Evans moniker.

Bob Evans - Don't You Think It's Time
Bob Evans - Nowhere Without You

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