Thursday, May 31, 2007

Being a complete musical fiend, I'd heard of Bat For Lashes' a few times but had never really listened to her. It wasn't until the feature in the most recent Nylon magazine that I decided to grab a copy of her album and give it a listen. I haven't turned it off since. Natasha Kahn, in addition to being absolutely gorgeous, has managed to compose mystical, beautiful songs with haunting vocals and extremely lovely arrangements throughout the album. The disk, entitled Fur & Gold, has been desribed as music "straight out of Grimm's Fairy Tales", which is not only accurate, but also gives you some idea as to the magic and mystery behind these songs.

Natasha & Co. will be hitting the states this coming summer, with a show @ NYC's The Knitting Factory on 25 July. I got my ticket last night, and it's probably what I'm looking forward to most this summer.

Bat For Lashes' Myspace

Bat For Lashes - Sarah
Bat For Lashes - Prescilla

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